What people say

It is so nice to know where everything is in my wardrobes and be able to see my clothes clearly since Josie reorganised for us. It has saved me a lot of time and stress in the mornings when I'm getting ready for work.

The final touches to our anniversary celebration party at home were so special and our guests were extremely impressed by how organised everything was. It was lovely for us to be able to enjoy the evening knowing that all the planning was done and we were in safe hands. Also, Josie and her team are friendly and professional and were a pleasure to work with.

My home office was bursting at the seams with paperwork and clutter and I'm so grateful that The Home PA Company was able to create a system for me that is clear and manageable. I've been able to keep everything organised which makes my life so much easier. No more wasting time looking for paperwork and my organised diary keeps me on top of things like insurance renewals, MOT dates and other key events that I need to know are coming up.

Josie understood straight away what we needed to become more organised at home as we were struggling to keep on top of everything. So glad we found her and would recommend The Home PA Company to anyone with busy lives who just needs an extra pair of hands.

We were having building work done and I couldn't keep up with work, the children, the house, general life responsibilities and commitments plus managing the builders on top of all of that. Josie has a lot of experience in this area and I was able to trust her to oversee a lot of organising the tradesmen and even researching items that we needed for the new extension. Exactly what I needed!

I used to wish I had an extra pair of hands and that is what Josie has given me. I often call her in and hand over a list of the household jobs that I can't find time to do myself. She has helped me with holiday booking, preparing the house for visitors, restaurant booking, gift buying, party planning and even organised the house for us while we were away. It was so nice to come back to everything in order at home, shopping in the fridge and even uniforms ready for school! Highly recommend if you need some time back for yourself.

I don't find it easy to part with things but I knew it was time to declutter before moving to a smaller house. Josie was very kind and empathetic when it came to sorting out sentimental items and she took her time carefully creating keepsake boxes for myself and my children as well as helping me to decide what I no longer needed. I'm actually much happier not having so much "stuff" around and so is my husband!

My family always know when I have had Josie's help with a party because the organisation is second to none. Every last detail has been thought of, the place is ready and welcoming, the food and drinks are fully stocked and I am not stressed out! She seems to love it and is always calm and positive which is great.

NOW is your chance to take the first step in gaining some time back