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The Home PA Company

Professional organiser in Hertfordshire

This is the first step in gaining some time back for yourself and finding that extra pair of hands to get those outstanding jobs done.

The Home PA Company can help you with these tasks and many others to help you clear the to-do list and spend more time doing what you need or want to do yourself.

What people say

My home office was bursting at the seams with paperwork and clutter and I'm so grateful that The Home PA Company was able to create a system for me that is clear and manageable. I've been able to keep everything organised which makes my life so much easier. No more wasting time looking for paperwork and my organised diary keeps me on top of things like insurance renewals, MOT dates and other key events that I need to know are coming up.

We can all have moments in life where we start to feel overwhelmed with the load in front of us and wonder how on earth we can get it all done.

This is why I started The Home PA Company. I experienced times like this myself when I was busy with work, had lots going on socially and my list of things to do was never-ending. That’s when I realised I could do with a personal assistant – just not a full-time permanent one. A PA that I could employ as and when I needed extra hours to get to grips with home admin, home organisation, event organisation and sometimes with those lifestyle tasks that take time such as researching and booking restaurants, holidays and activities. With life being so busy, it’s often difficult to find time for other essentials such as relaxing, exercising, reading and keeping up with friends and family.

Let The Home PA Company give you a hand now and again to get some balance back in your life.

All services at an affordable price, giving your freedom back